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    The Army Experience

    Less than 1% of citizens currently serve in the armed forces, and that makes veterans a kind of novelty wherever they are. My status as a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) tends to generate a lot of questions. Once I became a candidate for Congress, the questions increased. There was a lot of interest to know my story. I was asked if I would share my experiences with all of you. I have put it off for a while because when I think about it all, a flood of emotions of all sorts hits very hard. I look back on my days with my fellow soldiers with a sense of nostalgia while at the same time, contemplating all that came with serving during a time of war also sticks out in my mind.

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  • Our Future

    Primary election night was very busy. After the results were posted, my campaign put out a press release. After some thought, I decided that I wanted to address the people directly instead of just through a press release.

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  • Why does Paul Ryan continue to endorse Donald Trump?

    Ryan Solen: Why does Paul Ryan continue to endorse Trump?

    Tonight Ryan Solen accepted the nomination to be the Democrat to run for Paul Ryan’s seat in Congress and represent the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin. His happiness over his victory is overshadowed by his concern that Paul Ryan continues to endorse the Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump. After today’s remark in North Carolina where Trump essentially incited violence towards the Democratic nominee for President, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan laughed it off after his own acceptance speech, saying he hadn’t seen the remarks. Ryan Solen hadn’t seen the remarks live, either, but he follows the news closely and recognizes when a candidate is completely out of line. Ryan Solen has endorsed Hillary Clinton but would quickly revoke his endorsement if she had said a fraction of the outrageous, hurtful, and un-American things that Donald Trump regularly says.

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