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    Eye of the Storm: GOP Fall Fest

    Running for Congress is a surreal experience – even more so for me as this is my first time running for office. It can be difficult to describe to those who have never done it before. I’m not rich, well-known, or well-connected. Before this campaign, I was just another guy living a quiet life in the neighborhood. But all of that changed when I decided that I needed to get involved in government. I spent a lot of time deciding if I was going to run in this campaign or not. It was not an easy decision, nor did I think it would be, especially when my opponent, Paul Ryan, became Speaker of the House. There is a lot involved in terms of time, money, and effort. In addition, my family has sacrificed so much for me so that I could pursue this path (thank you Melissa, Elijah, Cameron, Anya, and Sebastian!).

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